Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A child's smile is worth a million words.

How much would the smile mean through if that child has cancer and was smiling for the day. That is the project I plan to do. I plan to make a child smile even through the troubles they are going through with chemo and surgeries to help them get better. I would like to go down to Children's Hospital and spend the day with all the kids who currently there. I would bring down a group of my friends and spend the day with the children, giving them a day to be kids again without a worry. I would talk to the parents to see what their kids are interested in and bring specific things for each child. I will talk to Dunkin Donuts to bring down munchkins down for the children but also get coffee for the parents so they can have a day to have real coffee, not hospital coffee, and the kids can have a sweet treat that they probably have not have in a while.

Struggles I would face would be getting all of us down there into Pittsburgh and also receiving clearances from both the doctors and parents of the patients. I would have to think of ideas of what we could do with the children. I would like to take videos of the kids and the interview the parents about how they feel about us spending the day with their kids.

I want to start by gaining high school students who will like to participate. From there, I will begin to put together the idea of how to get all of us down there as well and start to brainstorm ideas of what we could do with these children.